If you're having trouble with Trakt sync, please note the following:

Unsupported Trakt Features

- Hobi does not support syncing Trakt collections as the Collections features does not exist in Hobi. 

- Hobi does not currently support syncing the Trakt watchlist, since Hobi's Watchlist works differently from Trakt's.

Unfollowing Shows

- Hobi does not delete shows you unfollow in Hobi from Trakt, since Trakt does not have the concept of "following" a show (therefor, there's nothing to delete)

Archiving Shows / Removing From Watchlist

- Hobi does not yet support archiving shows. We're aware of the demand for this feature and we're hoping to add it soon.

I marked an episode in Hobi but it didn't appear in Trakt

- Sometimes Trakt have some technical difficulties, causing the sync to fail. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do to assist. We're constantly

working to improve the reliability of the sync mechanism.

- In very rare occasions, shows appear in different episode formats in Hobi and Trakt, causing the sync to fail.